How We Do Content Marketing

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Content: The most important 80%: Content, BRANDING content, is the foundation for a successful marketing campaign. Content is 90% of SEO. Content is also the strategy: Who is the target audience, what moves them, how does a brand’s value match their needs, and why they should buy from you. The bottom line is: What does [...]

Know Thyself, and Know Those A Brand Serves

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What does your brand stands for? The entire process of answering this question, is what I call “branding inside out.” How many of you can declare that you know yourself perfectly well?  How many of you can map out your own DNA? In the ancient Chinese book, “The Art of War”, Sunzi said: “Know yourself [...]

What’s in a Name? What’s in a Brand?

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What comes to mind when a name such as “John F. Kennedy”, or “Apple” is mentioned? Certain qualities, unique characters, their visions, values, beliefs, their sound, look, … the entire package of inner substance and outer appeal imbued to a particular name, and a specific brand.   The word “brand” has been used to mean [...]

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