Mar4, 2024

Genuine Video vs. Deepfake Video

By Joanne Z. Tan | Mar 4, 2024 | Advertising, Stand for Something, Brand building, Personal branding, AI, Content marketing, Digital marketing, Video, AI & Technology, Technology, Branding, | 0 Comments

To fight the danger of deepfake video, all video makers are called to make a one-sentence disclaimer: "This is a genuine video, Deepfake is not used"....

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Oct1, 2022

8 Brand Elements For a Business, a Leader, or an Organization

By Joanne Z. Tan | Oct 1, 2022 | Content marketing, Digital marketing, LinkedIn, Marketing, SEO, Website, Video, Branding, Brand building, Personal branding, | 0 Comments

Brand elements, when used well, can substantially enhance a company's digital marketing, branding and brand building with strategies, content, logo, w...

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