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2903, 2023

Brand Building, Organizational Culture, Brand Loyalty

By Joanne Z. Tan | Mar 29th, 2023 | Stand for Something, Brands, Personal branding, Brand building, Branding, | 0 Comments

Brand building, when done correctly, drives a thriving internal organizational culture, and external brand loyalty on the part of  long term customer...

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0103, 2023

Ukraine War; World War III? Mass Shootings in the US & Democracy – Interview of Prof. Jason Wittenberg, UC/Berkeley

By Joanne Z. Tan | Mar 1st, 2023 | Politics, Branding, Interviews of Notables and Influencers, | 0 Comments

Ukraine War: Will Russia start World War III? What to do with mass shootings in the US?  How to sustain our democracy? - Interview of Prof. Jason Wit...

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1202, 2023

Brand Equity Building, Branding & Rebranding a Company: at Birth, Growth & Rebirth

By Joanne Z. Tan | Feb 12th, 2023 | Personal branding, Brand building, Digital marketing, Content marketing, Video, Website, Branding, Brands, SEO, Marketing, LinkedIn, | 0 Comments

Rebrand, brand build, brand management are never-ending processes at a company's birth, growth, and rebirth, and brand equity leads to superb ROI.  ...

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1102, 2023

The Best Three Super Bowl 2023 Ads

By Joanne Z. Tan | Feb 11th, 2023 | Video, Marketing, Brand building, Best Super Bowl Ads, Digital marketing, Advertising, Branding, Content marketing, Brands, | 0 Comments

Super Bowl 2023 best three ads, ranked by 10 Plus Brand, Inc., a multiple award-winning, top advertising, TV commercial, video production agency. To...

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0402, 2023

10 Plus Brand, Inc’s “Secret Sauce” for being rated as a top full service digital marketing  company by three rating services

By Joanne Z. Tan | Feb 4th, 2023 | Personal branding, Brand building, Digital marketing, Video, Content marketing, Advertising, Website, SEO, Branding, Marketing, LinkedIn, | 0 Comments

10 Plus Brand shares its "secret sauce" for receiving award & recognition from 3 rating agencies for B2B services with 36 awards in 2023.   ...

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0301, 2023

Barbara Walters Personifies “Be Your Own Brand” – Joanne Z Tan’s “30 Seconds of Anything”

By Joanne Z. Tan | Jan 3rd, 2023 | 30 Seconds of Anything, Branding, Stand for Something, Personal branding, Brand building, | 0 Comments

Barbara Walters' Iconic Legacy: Be Your Own Brand! To watch this 40-second video To listen as a podcast Download it on Itunes Barbara Walte...

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3012, 2022

Where does confidence come from? – Joanne Z Tan’s “30 Seconds of Anything”

By Joanne Z. Tan | Dec 30th, 2022 | Personal branding, 30 Seconds of Anything, Branding, Stand for Something, | 0 Comments

How to get out of self-limiting beliefs? Confidence: the more you have, the more you can do, if you're not afraid to make mistakes. - To stay in the ...

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1112, 2022

Announcing the Launch of TEP

By Joanne Z. Tan | Dec 11th, 2022 | Brand building, Website, Branding, SEO, Content marketing, | 0 Comments

Web development and launch of TEP.Global “Every time I launch a client’s new website, it’s like giving birth to a brand new baby,” I told my ...

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2911, 2022

Meta’s Huge Loss and Apple’s Big Win in 2022: Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy, and Business Strategy

By Joanne Z. Tan | Nov 29th, 2022 | Brand building, Marketing, Branding, Advertising, | 0 Comments

- To listen as a podcast - To watch it as a video – To stay in the loop, subscribe to our Newsletter  In 2022, Meta’s stock has lost ab...

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0810, 2022

Us vs. The Problems, NOT Us vs. “Them” – Joanne Z. Tan’s “30 Seconds of Anything”

By Joanne Z. Tan | Oct 8th, 2022 | Branding, Brand building, 30 Seconds of Anything, Stand for Something, Politics, | 0 Comments

Whatever party you vote for in elections, be the change you want to see in America: Country first. "Us vs. the Problems", NOT "Us vs. Them". To watch...

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