Testimonial from Rick Callaway, Pacific Diversified Commercial Insurance Agency

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Testimonial from Rick Callaway, Principal, Pacific Diversified Commercial Insurance Agency, CA.

My goodness, what Joanne is doing with digital marketing my commercial insurance business IS WORKING!   About 6 months ago, Joanne and her agency started AI and human intelligence hybrid content marketing on LinkedIn and social media, since then, I have been contacted for services from all over the United States! They told me how impressed they were by both curated content (carefully chosen and summarized by her team,) and my original blogs (ghost-written by Joanne and her 10 Plus Brand, Inc.). In the last 6 years since Joanne started decoding my brand’s DNA and creating my website, my industry and clientele have gone through great changes. She advised me BEFORE the major landscape shifts and created new website content 3 times.  I hate to say again, “Joanne, you were right.” Joanne is brilliant! She is not just one of the top 1% branding and marketing experts, she stays ahead of the trend, with cutting edge mind, information, technology AND artistry. I rely on her business acumen and insight for strategies, tactics, technology and her teams’ expertise with Google Core Web Vitals and SEO technicality.  I am SO glad that Joanne has been taking care of all my marketing, branding, website, videos, content creation, and strategy development, and will do so for many more years down the road!

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