Season 2, Episode 22: Steve Jobs’ Secret Sauce for Building Apple from a Startup Are the 3 Elements of a Unicorn 22 May, 2024


Vision, Brand Focus, Experience Design are Steve Jobs’ secret sauce for growing a garage startup into Apple, and they are the 3 Elements of an AI Unicorn no matter what products or services.

Steve Jobs did it right by STARTING with user journey and user experience at the very beginning, from day one, BEFORE making any products, BEFORE engineering, even BEFORE ideation of a product. “Design over engineering” was not just a design decision but a guiding philosophy for Apple’s brand focus. It was Steve Jobs’ initial conviction.  What led Apple to where it is today, is Steve Jobs’ design principle governing both the simplest functionality and the look and feel of every device. From the inception of any Apple product, to design, then engineering and manufacturing, to every detail of the EXPERIENCE DESIGN for every act of opening the box, to lifting the product out of its cradled nest…

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