Season 2, Episode 12: Inside stories about GE Legendary CEO Jack Welch & designing a corporate reward system – Interview by Joanne Tan of Steve Kerr 29 Feb, 2024


Dr. Steve Kerr shares inside stories about Jack Welch, GE’s CEO, as the designer and implementor of renowned GE WORKOUT, reward system, and programs collaborative behaviors.

Dr. Kerr was a senior adviser to Goldman Sachs, and its Chief Learning Officer for six years, where he created Pine Street, the firm’s distinctive leadership development organization. Prior to that Dr. Kerr worked with General Electric’s legendary CEO Jack Welch as GE’s VP of Corporate Leadership Development and Chief Learning Officer for seven years. He led and expanded the renowned leadership education center at Crotonville with Mr. Welch and was the head of the famous GE WORKOUT

After leaving Goldman Sachs, he again worked with Mr. Welch, serving as co founder and the first executive director of the Jack Welch Management Institute. During the last eight years of Mr. Welch’s tenure in GE,  when the company was labeled by a number of media outlets as the world’s best run company, a number of systems and programs initiated in GE was subsequently adopted by numerous private and public sector organizations around the world. Several of the tools Dr. Kerr devised in GE, to operationalize these initiatives, were identified in his book “Reward Systems”. 

Dr. Kerr was also a faculty member at several universities such as University of Michigan, and was the dean of faculty at USC Business School for 10 years. He was national president of the Academy of Management, the largest US academic organization. Currently, even in his retirement, Dr. Cara has been a consultant to many of the world’s largest corporations, as well as a senior adviser to the US Department of Homeland Security. His many board memberships include the board of directors of Harvard Business School Publishing.

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