Season 2, Episode 29: Ranked Choice Voting Is Better Than Current 2-Party No Choice 4 Jul, 2024


Ranked choice voting not only offers all voters more choices, more candidates, but also provides a fair alternative in a close race.

Many Americans are getting increasingly frustrated with the no-choice voting between Donald Trump, who declared to be a dictator on day one, and the obviously aging Joe Biden in this pivotal 2024 Presidential Election.  But few know there is a way better solution to the same old game of just two parties’ nominees fighting to be the winner that takes it all.

This short excerpt is one of the many subjects covered in the almost 2-hour interview of Tani Cantil-Sakauye, President of PPIC (Public Policy Institute of California), and former Chief Justice of CA Supreme Court for 11 years. The interview was conducted by Joanne Z. Tan on June 24, 2024. Stay tuned for more excerpts.

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