Season 2, Episode 10: The Roaming Spirit of Alexei Navalny_Joanne Z. Tan_10 Plus Brand 21 Feb, 2024


The Roaming Spirit of Alexei Navalny

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Like a meteor lighting up the Arctic night,

no Sun, no days, no twilight.


In the remote Russian land,

deserted, lifeless, frozen,

A noble soul was killed in a cold prison,

His light snuffed out at the age of forty seven.


The death of Alexei Navalny shocked the world,

a brave, selfless, brilliant life, 

a prisoner of conscience, his last silenced voice,

reverberating from the North Pole’s snow and ice. 


One life, one light,

a galvanizing flame,

that threatened the dark, evil frame,

a dictator’s bloody grip on power,

the murderer of the good and untamed.


In death, Alexei Navalny,

becomes a monument in our hearts,

inextinguishable from eternal memory,

unmatched brightness of a meteor light

over the numbing insensate night.

A towering brand, over a barren land, 

for his beloved people, he stands.


How long will the night last?

Will the frozen minded wake up at last?

Who laughs best that laughs last? 


Anyone? Anyone? 

From that gray and icy land?

Can’t you hear his impassioned plea:

Don’t give up, you shall be free.

There IS another way to LIVE,

Not just breathe.


A life was cut short,

a life of honesty, decency,

humor, cheer, laughs,

love, duty, curiosity,

unyielding spirit,

death defying bravery.

An inspiration, a hero, a man:

Alexei Navalny.


Shhh! Did you hear that?

 Is that his voice, echoing from the stratosphere:

“I am here!  Look here!

I don’t have a reindeer sleigh,

But I am not that far! Ha, ha, ha!”


© Joanne Z. Tan   all rights reserved.


Joanne Z. Tan is the founder, CEO, Brand Strategist, global branding expert, and Creative Director at 10 Plus Brand, Inc. 10 Plus Brand is a multiple award winning agency, known globally as a leading brand-building and brand-marketing, full service digital agency. We decode brand DNA with our proprietary process, create brand structure, positioning, go to market strategy, messaging, and storytelling, and amplify with content, SEO, website, videos, social media, and high authority blogs. Please contact us for more information.


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