Season 2, Episode 14: Fight Deep Fake Videos with a Simple Disclaimer: These are Genuine Videos! 4 Mar, 2024


To differentiate Genuine Videos from Deepfakes, start with a simple disclaimer

When seeing is not believing, when truth and trust are replaced by falsehood and distrust, the foundation for fact-based decision making is like a rug being pulled out from under our feet. This is a real threat to democracy and civilized societies.

What are you waiting for? For the government to step in and regulate? Even if it happens eventually, it will be too little, too late.

Doing nothing means you are waiting for deepfakes to take over your right and ability to access truthful information – you are allowing deepfakes to further mislead yourself and humanity.

We at 10 Plus Brand, from today on, will proudly and prominently label every video we produce with this simple statement: “This is a Genuine Video. No deepfakes of any kind have been used.” In fact, since we at 10 Plus Brand have never used any deepfake for any videos bearing the 10+ logo on all of our brand promotional videos produced for our clients, our own vlogs and interviews, etc, the 10+ logo connotes completely Genuine Videos.

I ask all video makers in the world to do the same: Add a one-sentence “disclaimer” at either the beginning or the end of each video, in text or with audio: “This is a genuine video. No deepfakes of any kind has been used.”

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© Joanne Z. Tan   All rights reserved.


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