Episode 84: Mass shooting, US democracy, Ukraine War, World War III? – Interview of Prof. Wittenberg, UC Berkeley 1 Mar, 2023


Mass shootings in the US: What to do about it?  How to sustain our democracy? Will Ukraine War lead to World War III? – Interview of Prof. Jason Wittenberg, Professor of political science at UC/Berkeley, by Joanne Z. Tan

Eleven subjects were discussed in an interview by Joanne Z. Tan of political science Professor Jason Wittenberg at UC/Berkeley, for the podcast “Interviews of Notables and Influencers“, on Feb. 22, 2023:

1. Ukraine War: Is it a proxy war between the US and Russia? What will happen if Russia wins? What will happen if Russia loses? 

2. What role China will ply in this Putin’s War, and in the future world order? 

3. With NATO’s expansion to Russian border, does the West have any responsibility in “cornering” Putin into an aggressive and brutal dictator and a warmonger? 

4. Will pro Putin European countries like Belarus and Hungary help Russia if the Ukraine War escalates? 

5. Would it be correct to characterize the War in Ukraine as a war, basically, symbolically, and practically between democracy and authoritarianism?

6. Do you foresee an alliance among countries such as Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, and China and more countries? Which other countries might join them? 

7. Does a weakened Russia help strengthen China? Will the West be weakened in this Ukraine War?

8. what’s your assessment for the possibility of a Third World War? What can the United States and the world do now, and in the future to prevent it? 

9: Mass shootings in the US: What can be done about it?

10: What are your thoughts on the specific steps we can take now to improve and sustain our democracy, in addition to rank choice voting for primaries, and 18-year term limits for Supreme Court Justices

11: How is anti semitism different from and or similar to, or the same as racism? What is the root cause? 

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