Season 2, Episode 19: Why Brand Audits Can Save a Company, and What, When, and How?_by Joanne Tan 10 Apr, 2024


An out-of-touch brand is a weak brand that soon leads to decreased sales and a shrinking market share. A disconnected brand threatens your business survival. If your brand is starting to feel stale and irrelevant, it may be too little, too late if you wait until your sales are going down to start a comprehensive brand audits. Doing the audit takes time.  It takes even longer to implement changes based on the insights from the audit. How much time do you have at hand while your sales keep falling?

Getting timely insights from proactive brand audits has tremendous ROI:  Comprehensive brand audits can optimize your brand performance by identifying growth opportunities with current and new customers, revealing changes in customer expectations and new ways to meet them. Based on the data from brand audits, leaders can adjust brand messaging to better resonate with employees and customers, reposition your brand to be more visible to those who need your solutions, and accomplish radical differentiation in the vast competitive landscape of similar products and services, in order to maintain growth momentum.

WHAT is a brand audit?

WHEN do you need one?

How is it done?

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