Episode 64: 30 Seconds of Anything – What Do Serena Williams, Michael Phelps, and Sports Superstars Have in Common 4 Sep, 2022


Does it Matter that Serena Williams Lost at US Open on Sept. 2nd, 2022?

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Serena Williams in US Open Tennis, Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, … what do these sports superstars have in common?  Will power, drive, tenacity, talent, and HARD WORK.

They have transcended their greatness in their respective fields, to become symbols of human strength, – mental, physical, and spiritual. Their legacies will inspire humanity for generations, not because they won more than they lost, but because of their imperfect records that proved their strive for greatness when most people would give up. They have shown us how to #beYourOwnBrand, and #beYourOwnSuperpower.



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