Episode 94: Yosemite Hikes, Heeding the Wisdom of the Mountains_Part 4 of 4 14 Jul, 2023


Yosemite hikes on the Mist Trail; 1st freshly cooked meal in 4 days; inspiration from the mountains – Part 4 of 4, by Joanne Z. Tan.

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Why was climbing down the Mist Trail with 30 pounds of weight more dangerous than even climbing down Half Dome? Joanne Z. Tan shares inspirations she got from the mountains, in this last Part 4 of 4 of Yosemite Adventures.

– Trekking 3,665 feet down on the Mist Trail, next to dangerous cliffs

– Don’t yield to stupidity

– “Happy Birthday, Daley!”

– Leaving Yosemite

– The first restaurant meal at the Hungry Bear Diner

– Back to the “Civilized” World: flush toilet, shower, water, and the Planet Earth

– What is eternal?

– The mind prepares the body, and the soul is changed

– Heeding nature’s wisdom while living in a noisy world

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