Episode 95: The Movie Oppenheimer and the Gift of Rhetorical Power in Writing & Speech 30 Jul, 2023


As seen in the Movie Oppenheimer, the “father of the atomic bomb”, RJ Oppenheimer, who was talented with multiple languages and loved poetry, was a man of science AND humanity.

It was his humanity and a sense of duty that drove him to be vocal against the nuclear arms race, which eventually made him a target of humiliation and destruction by his enemies.

Among so many things I have learned from the movie Oppenheimer shows his way with narratives, in writing and speech.

I admire Oppenheimer’s nuance, intellect, brilliance, and the poetry in his use of English language, to convey complex thoughts, to architect subject matters, to persuade what he staunchly believed in, and to imply the mystery of the unknown.  Even in his most persuasive statements, his points were woven by logic, facts, and structure. They do not come across as imposing, but with sensitivity even in the strongest argument.


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