Episode 92: Yosemite Adventure, Part 2 of 4: Climbing Up and Down Half Dome_by Joanne Z. Tan 14 Jul, 2023


Half Dome hike: ascent, descent, & Yosemite adventures, Pt 2 of 4, by Joanne Z. Tan.

Every year people die climbing Half Dome. Was climbing down more difficult than climbing up? What was it like to be on top of it? Why do people climb it again and again? Joanne Z. Tan shares her true stories about the Half Dome Hike and climbing Half Dome in Part 2 of 4 of Yosemite adventures.

– Half Dome

– Control of the mind

– The Dare Devil Rock Climbers

– Lost the trail – fear struck

– Why people climb Half Dome again and again

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