Episode 58: Recession? WHAT Recession? Podcasts’ SEO & Promotion; and more 1 Aug, 2022


In this 8-minute podcast, we have exciting news to share with you: Podcasts’ Six do-it-yourself tips; we won the “Best SEO Agency in the San Francisco Bay Area” Award;  “Recession? What Recession?”  What are you reading? – Joanne Tan’s reading list.  

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Topic 1: 10 Plus Brand Won the “Best SEO Agency in the San Francisco Bay Area” Award

Following last year’s two awards, – the first was “top advertising and digital marketing agency in the San Francisco Bay Area 2021”, ranked by Clutch, and the second, as one of the “best digital marketing agencies in California 2021”, rated by DesignRush, 10 Plus Brand Inc. just won our third award as the “best SEO agency in San Francisco Bay Area 2022”, rated by expertise.com. Many thanks to our outstanding SEO team, whose relentless efforts in combining our unique brand building approaches with technology resulted in elevating brands and profits for each of our SEO clients. Our motto is: the whole nine yards are not enough, we go 10 plus to exceed our customers expectations. Setting the bar high for ourselves have led to many customer success stories: Some have increased their business volume by 45%; some have grown from a local California brand to doing business in all 50 states; and some others have reached their status as thought leaders and influencers.

Topic #2: “Recession? What recession?”

I don’t buy it: There seldom is, if ever, a recession when employment is high, the dollar is strong, the stock market is up (as of July 29 2022), and Congress is optimistic about passing the large spending and investing bill, the “Inflation Reduction Act” (a smaller version of Biden’s “Build Back Better” Bill). Yes, inflation is a serious problem. And the Fed is aggressively cooling the economy with interest rate hikes. But the fundamentals of the economy remain strong. I don’t have a crystal ball. But in my humble opinion, the American economy will have a soft landing that won’t last more than 18 months before the next big growth wave was going to be unleashed by both the economy’s intrinsic force and the Inflation Reduction Act.

keep our fingers crossed that the bill will pass the Senate, or better, call or email your US senators to make sure they will do their part to pass it.

Even if there will be a recession, what is within your control that you can do during a recession? – Sharpen your knives during these 12 to 18 months to get ready for the next growth waves. Here are just a few things we can help you:

Audit your online brand presence: what to save, stop and start?  (the three S’s.) 

Revise your target audience profile.

Update your website with new marketing strategies, stories, SEO.

Expand a digital presence with social media marketing.

Create a high quality brand promotional video.

Produce podcasts, newsletters, daily posts and engagements, etc.

Turn the R word from recession to recharging your business batteries! For those of you who plan ahead, opportunities always favor the prepared. If you want an initial consultation, call us at 1-888-288-4533.

Topic 3: What are you reading? Here are my recommended books 

It’s a partial list of what I have read and still reading so far in the summer: 

(1) : “Atlas of the Heart“, by Brene Brown; 

(2) : “Deep Work: rules for focused success in a distracted world“, by Carl Newport; 

(3) “Ill Winds: saving democracy from Russian rage, Chinese ambition and American complacency,” by Larry Diamond; 

(4) “Active Measures: the secret history of disinformation and political warfare“, by Thomas Rid; 

(5) “On Writing Well: the classic guide to writing nonfiction“, by William Zinsser; 

(6) “How to Get Paid for What You Know“, by Graham Cochrane; 

(7) “Principles for dealing with the changing world order: why nations succeed or fail“,  by Ray Dalio; 

(8) “Sangquing yu Taohong“, by Hualing Nie, (I read it in Chinese.) 

You might wonder why I’m not writing my blogs as often as I wanted: Too many good books to read! If you’d like to hear my opinions on any of the above books, please just call or email me. 

Topic #4: do-it-yourself tips for SEO and posting podcasts

So you want to have your own podcast. 

A client asked me how to turn his blogs into podcasts. After publishing some blog posts on his website (he retained my agency 10 Plus brand Inc. for website development and SEO work,) this client believed that doing podcasts could be as easy as 123: just speak to a microphone, load up the recording somewhere on the internet. Voila. 

But sorry, there is more work to do after recording each episode, in order for it to be findable. A podcast can be just a drop in the ocean amongst so many podcasts episodes online. To grow an audience you need to know how to post it, how to SEO it, and how to promote it. Just like writing a book: Writing it is hard, but without the long and hard work to promote it, nobody reads it. 

For those of you who want to turn your blogs into podcasts, here are some important how-tos you need to know, especially if you want to do it all by yourself, instead of hiring an agency such as our 10 Plus Brand to do all the work for you as your willing “unsung hero”. 

How to SEO, post, and promote your podcast, – all by yourself?

The following 6 tips, as paid content, will help you understand how the podcast “game” is played on the internet for the purpose of growing an online following.

–  Recording a podcast OR making both a video and a podcast at the same time

– Where to upload your podcast, and how to use focal keyword, categories, and descriptions for each episode

– How to use external links, hashtags, CTA (call to action buttons), alt texted photo(s)

– How to avoid “cannibalizing” your SEO on your blog post, podcast, and video

– How to amplify your podcast on social media platforms, yours and others

– How to drive traffic to your website with your own podcast landing pages

Your small payment for my answers to these six questions will save you thousands of dollars, but only if you are “gung ho” committed to DIY, which takes LOTS of time, intellect, and effort, as well as software subscriptions that cost $1-4K/year. 

Again, 10 Plus Brand, Inc. just won our 3rd award as the “Best SEO Agency in San Francisco Bay Area” (2022, rated by Expertise.com)! We are here to do all this work for you, with both of our highly educated and experienced SEO experts, AND our Agency’s subscriptions to the expensive software, so you don’t have to spend that money yourself. 

To pay for these DIY tips, please click below:


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