Season 2 Episode 2: Develop a Generative AI Tool – What Business Leaders Need to Do, NOW (Pt. 2 of 4)_ Joanne Z. Tan 16 Dec, 2023


To get a head start in developing a generative AI tool, what do business leaders need to do now?

1st: Develop content for feeding the generative AI tool, since Your AI tool is as good (or bad) as the underlying data.

2nd: Develop leaders & people for the Age of AI.

3rd: Develop experience design & what AI can NOT do.

This episode focuses on content and data for feeding a generative AI tool, how to do it, what to avoid, and why. It is Part 2 of 4. (Part 1 of 4 was published as the preceding Episode 1, Season 2: “AI Decision-making Checklist for Leaders: Do I Need AI? Why?”)

Stay tuned for Part 3, coming up soon.

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