Episode 68: Us vs. The Problems, NOT Us vs “Them” – Joanne Z. Tan’s “30 Seconds of Anything” 8 Oct, 2022


Whatever party you vote for in midterms 2022, be the change you want to see in America: Country first. “Us vs. the Problems”, NOT “Us vs. Them”.

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Elections come, elections go. The same is true for midterms 2022 In a football loving country with only two political parties, the FALSE sense of opposition can destroy national unity with “Us vs. Them” thought distortion, when it is TRULY “Us vs. the Problems” we ALL face, especially in the midterms 2022.

Truth is seldom in the extremes, but more often than not, in the middle.
Whatever party you vote for, be the change you want to see in America: country first. Respect fellow countrymen’s humanity, and uphold our democracy based on the rule of law.

This mindset can also make your business culture healthy, your brand thrive, and you and  your employees happy. #BeYourOwnBrand, especially when the world is pushing us to extremes.

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