Episode 51: Joanne Z. Tan Interviews Jonathan Leidy on Building Teenage Boys Mentally, Emotionally, Physically – Interviews of Notables & Influencers 5 Mar, 2022


Episode 51: 10 Plus Interviews – by Joanne Z. Tan – Jonathan Leidy on How “Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend” Helps Teenage Boys and Their Parents – Interviews of Notables & Influencers

Young Men’s ultimate weekend is a rite of passage weekend for young men between the ages of 12 to 20. It’s not a religious rite of passage, it’s just for any young men who want to come to a weekend where they have the opportunity to put themselves through incredible fun and challenges, in the end, in the pursuit of really learning a little bit about what it means to be a man, and participate in the society in a healthy way. 

So it gives everybody the opportunity to get outdoors to break up in teams, to lead teams, to go through physical and emotional challenges. And all of that is really under the guise of, I think, above all else, getting young men interacting with one another, and really understanding what makes each other tick, and really starting to relate to one another on a level that’s much deeper than they might do today, you know, just over the computer somewhere.”…

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