Episode 49: Super Bowl 2022 Best Three TV Commercials 13 Feb, 2022


For the third year in a row, 10 Plus Brand, Inc. is proud to present the “Top 3 Best Super Bowl Commercials”.

Super Bowl Commercials 2022

2022 Super Bowl’s Best 3 TV ads, rated by 10 Plus Brand based on no celebrities, vulgarity, with original, clear, artistic brand messaging (watch game on TV)

This year, something strange happened– previous years’ super bowl ads were all released weeks or days before the big game.

Were they afraid of not making it to the top 3 Super Bowl Commercials 2022 rated by 10 Plus Brand?

If that’s the case, we are so flattered!

Year after year, we rank top 3 best Super Bowl ads with this criteria:

  1. NO CELEBRITIES in the ad
  2. No vulgarity, partisanship, bad taste and
  3. The brand’s message comes across clearly and artistically with originality & integrity.

Post Game Update

What a game! We stand by our prior picks, since no other ads were better than our top 3. What we picked previously are the finalists in the original order.

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