Episode 23: Crypto, Elon Musk, Tim Draper – Why Joanne Z. Tan Will Interview Tim Draper, & Sample Questions EPISODE 23 BY Joanne Z. Tan, 10 Plus Brand May 15, 2021

I will be interviewing Tim Draper on my next podcast series “Interview of the Notables and Influencers”. A billionaire and Silicon Valley luminary who invested about $20 million in bitcoin in 2017, he is an unwavering believer in crypto through thick and thin. My next podcast, video, and blog post in early June 2021 will feature the entire interview.

In this podcast, I’m sharing with you WHY I am going to ask Tim Draper about crypto currencies, blockchain, inflation, Elon Musk, tax risks, crypto’s relationship with fiat, and a few of the 60 questions I will be asking in the upcoming interview.

For the purpose of sharing my concerns for the average Joe investors, I will share my crypto journey, doubts and insights about crypto’s future.

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