Episode 45: 10 Plus Interviews – by Joanne Z. Tan -Shawn Flynn on Podcasting and Networking 10 Dec, 2021


Shawn Flynn has hosted and produced 110 episodes of “Silicon Valley Podcast”, and interviewed more than 80 people.

Among those Shawn interviewed are Jim Mckelvey, co-Founder of Square, Melanie Perkins, Co-Founder of Canva, Patrick Lee, Founder of Rotten Tomatoes, on topics from building a unicorn company, raising funding, trends in technology, scaling a company, leadership, skill for the future, and much more.

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Being a podcasting producer and host myself, for my own series “Interviews of Notables and Influencers”, I know how much work it takes to find the people to be interviewed, research, prepare, produce and edit… 

On top of that, Shawn has a full time job in middle market investment banking, in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, financial restructuring.

Like Shawn, I also have a full time job as the CEO and Branding Expert at 10 Plus Brand, Inc., a full service, award-winning brand building, content creation and digital marketing agency.  

For my own 10 Plus Podcast, I invite both well known notables and influencers, billionaires, as well as ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Next month, I will feature someone who has volunteered years of service to help troubled teenage boys at a special summer camp, as well as a savvy investor who will share insights about investing money.  

If you want to be featured on podcasting, or to host and produce your own podcast, learn from those who have been there, done it, such as Shawn Flynn, who has hosted 110 episodes for his own “Silicon Valley Podcast” production.

Below are SOME of the questions I asked Shawn during this interview:

Q-1: Could you give us a brief history about yourself?  What is your journey leading up to where you are now? 

Q 2: Do you hire any help for your podcast production? Or are you doing it all by yourself?  (If yes, do you ever sleep? 🙂

Q 3: Tell us what got you into podcasting in the first place? Do you have Sponsors? Ads?

Q 4: What is the relationship between your investment banking career and your podcast series?

Q 5: What are the biggest challenges in continuing your podcast, episode after episode? 

Q 6: Do you get emails from strangers wanting to get on your podcast? What do you do with them?

Q 7: From hosting your 110 podcast episodes, which ones took the most time and effort to prepare?

Q 8: Could you tell us 3 stories about how you secured interviews with the Silicon Valley big names?

Q 9: What have you learned from your podcast guests? Any specific stories? Did you ever disagree with your guests on air? Do you prefer edited or live?

Q 10: Did your interviews have impacted your personal and professional growth? In what ways?

Q 11: What makes you do investment banking?  

Q 12:  What specific types of companies and individuals need your investment banking advice and expertise? What are your sweet spots?

Q 13:  What do you foresee you’d be, 10 years from now, down your career path?  And your personal life, if you want to share?

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