Episode 34 – Be Your Own Brand pt. 1 – “30 Seconds of Anything” 20 Aug, 2021


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It’s gut-wrenching to see Afghan people desperate to leave Afghanistan, after 20 years of relying on the American superpower. Deja vu, the fall of Saigon in 1978. Same truth holds for all of those who are too comfortable pegging yourself, your identity, your financial safety to a big brand too big to leave you, or too safe to fire you, or too powerful to fail – you will be surprised. Even if you are perfectly happy, AND lucky, to work for a large brand all your life, BE YOUR OWN BRAND. Whether a large organization or your own solopreneurship, it adds more value to be your own innovative voice, rather than just a peg in a hole. Besides, you always have your own brand to fall back on in trying times.

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