Episode 25: What Do Best Brands of the World Have In Common? – Anthony Bourdain, Nike, Apple, Tesla? EPISODE 25 BY Joanne Z. Tan, 10 Plus Brand June 15, 2021

The purpose of developing a brand–a successful brand–is to engage a brand’s target audience to experience, to create memories and affinity with the brand.

A Podcast by Joanne Z. Tan, Founder & CEO of 10 Plus Brand, Inc.

Like Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown”, a successful brand, say Nike, is not just about a pair of sneakers. Nike could have limited its affinity to be only with sneaker-related products, such as deodorant shoe sprays, insoles, shoe strings, … but no, Nike has no interest whatsoever in viewing itself merely for the utility value of a pair of (smelly) sneakers. Nike constantly pushes the world to associate its brand with the indomitable spirits of the world’s best athletes. Nike wants to be a symbol for human aspiration, for justice, for freedom, and for humanity’s passion for achieving a higher level of greatness. Other brands like Apple and Tesla do the same.

A brand is its vision, and the vision makes all the difference between Julia Child and Anthony Bourdain in presenting food and cooking, between branding Nike as sneakers instead of a symbol for human aspiration, between a computing machine rather than a brand for excellence called Apple, and between an electric car vs. humankind’s free orbiting vehicle in outer space.

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