Brand Narratives

Sample: Voler Video Script

(For Video #1: What Does Voler Stand For?) Electronic design and firmware consulting is all we do at Voler Systems. We specialize in wearable and IoT devices. We help companies of all sizes create medical and consumer devices. We deliver quality products on time, on budget, our design process mitigates technical risk, AND the products are easily manufactured. We’re known in Silicon Valley as the “Engineer of Engineers.” No one is better at electronic design and software on hardware. Hi, I am Walt Maclay. In 1979 I founded Voler Systems out of my love for both engineering and helping people by providing them with highly successful solutions. Voler’s engineers average 30 years of experience. Our 4 decades of electronic design expertise AND project management make you successful. As one of our happy customers said, (Jeremy:) “Voler stands for engineering acumen, customer service, and integrity.” Voler in French means to fly. We make your design fly. We have specific knowledge about sensors, wireless communication, power management for battery operated devices, and medical devices. We are the ones who get called in when the projects are tough. We succeed at projects that other consultants previously failed to complete. We save you problems in manufacturing that can cost more money than all you have spent on product development.

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Sample: Len Marsh,

My name is Len Marsh. For 35 years I have been a consulting Chief Financial Officer helping CEOs solve cash-flow problems. Once the cash flow problem is resolved, I continue to take care of a company’s financial health, to ​prevent​ life threatening situations, as your long term partner, trusted strategic advisor, and problem solver. I work with privately-held manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and service providers with annual revenue over $2 million.”

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Sample: Stingray Therapeutics Executive Summary

Summary: Stingray Therapeutics has the next generation cutting edge cancer treatment technology in immune oncology.

Technology: Treating cancer with immunotherapy rather than chemotherapy is the new revolution in oncology. The first generation of immune oncology drugs, specifically “checkpoint inhibitors”, use adaptive immunity to counter cancer’s immunosuppressive “checkpoints.” But patients still develop resistance and succumb to their disease 80% of the time, and many cancers are not responsive to these immunotherapies at all. Our second-generation immune oncology drugs use innate immunity to reveal hidden cancer cells for adaptive immunity to attack. Combining the 1st generation checkpoint inhibitors with 2nd generation Stingray’s innate immune drugs is designed to stimulate immunity to fight the resistance and attack far more cancers.

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Sample: Stingray Therapeutics Pitch Deck

Treating Cancer with Immunotherapy Rather than chemotherapy is the new revolution in oncology.

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Sample: Bryant Elder Law Video Script

(Lisa:) Hi, I’m Lisa Bryant, founder and owner of Bryant Elder Law, ​“Compassionate Counselors Empowering Families.” ​We take a holistic and balanced approach to estate planning and end of life issues. We work with seniors, their families and other professionals to improve quality of life for EVERYONE.

(Sara:) We help families save money, protect their homes and give them peace of mind. We have a unique focus on MediCal planning. Additionally, we provide services in estate planning, trust administration, and special needs trusts. We support seniors and adult children with caring for their loved ones.

(Michelle:) We help clients turn stress into relief. We lift them out of hopeless situations.

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Sample: OPS A La Carte, Engineering Success with Reliable Products Video Script

We are a leading reliability engineering consulting firm since 2001. We have helped many companies create robust products and elevate them to great success, even become the leader in their industry. We are known for providing the whole gamut of reliability lab testing, consulting, and training. With over 25 reliability engineer-experts around the world, with diverse backgrounds and experience, we serve both domestic and global businesses in all areas of reliability, in depth and width. Hi, my name is Jay Muns, owner and CEO. I have more than 30 years of experience in engineering and business operations. ”OPS A La Carte have produced very high-quality results for us, with fast turnaround times. Their engineers are the best in their field, are a pleasure to work with, and their work is of the highest standards available. This has helped us obtain critical product approvals…”

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Sample: Gary Potts, Founder & Principal Consultant, ProMentor CFO, LLC

As Founder of ProMentor CFO, my passion is to ​help good leaders build great companies. We assist business owners, ​CEOs, and investors in small-to-mid sized companies break through ​to the next level. ​ There are three types of CFOs. The first focuses on accounting and tax, typically a CPA. The second is a “Wall Street” CFO who raises money and specializes in IPO or M&A.

ProMentor CFO belongs to the third category, the Operational or Strategic CFO — internally focused on building value as an inside powerhouse. As a battle-tested CFO for over 25 years, a CFO consultant for over 7 years, and CEO for a $30 million company for 6 years, I can move the needle. I’m also a sounding board for CEOs and a mentor for junior financial staff to prepare them for bigger responsibilities.

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Sample: Brauer Insurance

(Steve:) Brauer Insurance is the recognized expert in group health insurance for small businesses with 1-100 employees. We are an independent benefits broker, we ONLY do group health insurance.

(Bonnie:) If you have a heart condition, do you go to a general practitioner, or to a cardiologist? What if I tell you that they cost you the same?

(Steve:) Health insurance is always changing, super-confusing, and it’s a niche field demanding focused expertise. No broker can be an expert at everything. There are just not enough hours in a day. We choose to focus ONLY on group health insurance, and we are pretty good at it. (Bonnie:) We provide the best, personalized service for health insurance, dental, vision, disability, group life insurance. My dad taught at college level about Obama Care, and was on local TV Channel 5 as their invited expert.

(Steve:) As the owners, we have vested interest in serving you with the highest level of integrity and value adds. We are also the outsourced HR Dept for companies with over 20 employees.

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Sample: Rolf Neuweiler, Founder & Principal of a2z CFO

My name is Rolf Neuweiler, consulting CFO, both the right and left hands to businesses. As your “right Hand”, I am your navigator, keeping a company on course, charting its future, with financial strategies and information. As your “left Hand” I keep businesses in good health like a “family doctor”, serving as a liaison to professional advisors, management and employees. In crises, I come to your rescue as a financial “Fireman”. In turbulent waters, I give leadership a sense of peace and control, and the feeling that their financial house is in order. I improve and manage financial and administrative areas, so the owners are free to focus on leading their businesses. They also get more free time.

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Sample: BH Tech Connection

Is IT about people, or about computers? We at BH Tech Connection focus only on small businesses with fewer than 10 employees. We care about you. We care about your success. We take care of your computers.  We are known for speedy, personalized, and long term IT support.

(Customized & speedy services) We don’t put you into a ticketing queue that assigns a different IT person each time, which is inefficient and makes you feel ignored and frustrated. We match you with an IT consultant as one point of contact. We customize service to each client’s needs. For example, a three-person law firm’s computer infrastructure was too slow. They were told by a larger IT company to spend $10,000 on a new server. We recommended cloud solutions that sped up their network and saved them at least $7,000.

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Sample: Bay Area Traffic Solutions (B.A.T.S.)

BATS: Bay Area Traffic Solutions. Backbone. Accountable. Trustworthy. Safety.

“BATS leads the traffic control industry. With both professionally trained employees and advanced technology, we have contractors’ backs. We are the backbone of their security.”

“BATS is known for being accountable and reliable, 24/7, always there when needed.”

“BATS has earned the trust of contractors, clients, and employees, with superior service and professionalism.”

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Sample: Pacific Diversified Commercial Insurance

My name is Rick Callaway. My passion is to protect businesses, by insuring employers, employees, and business properties. for 30 years, with a team of 60 professionals, we insure restaurants, hotels, night-clubs, and commercial real estate such as office buildings and multi-family dwellings. I safeguard my clients with better coverage at lower costs. If your passion is running and growing your business, and you are looking for a trusted and experience insurance expert, then let’s talk. We are also your advisor and hands-on caretaker for all insurance needs. Call us “The Extra milers.”

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