We hone your brand to turn “sellers” into “thought leaders”, “buyers” into “followers”, “products and services” into “fan clubs,” and “employees” into “teams and leaders.”

We go deep to the core of a business, mapping out its DNA blueprint, to hone or refresh your brand verbally and visually, as your strategists and branding advisors. We then spotlight your brand with:

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Decode | Create | Amplify

Our Mission:

(1) Find out what your brand stands for, inside out.
(2) Spotlight your brand’s heart, soul and mind.
(3) Increase your revenue, success, & happiness.

What does your brand stand for? –  To establish or refresh a business brand, we use a deep and thorough proprietary branding process to map out a company’s “Brand DNA™”, working and brainstorming together with CEOs, founders and leadership teams.  We then secure its brand-recognition in the market.

  • A brand is an organization’s guiding North Star, Constitution, culture and legacy. 
  • A brand is what a company fundamentally believes in.  
  • A brand is the hiring and firing criteria. 
  • A brand is the topline that lifts the bottom line of profits and growth.
  • A brand inspires loyalty both externally from its clients and internally from employees and management. 

We hone your brand to turn “sellers” into “thought leaders”, “buyers” into “followers”, “products and services” into “fan clubs,” and “employees” into “teams and leaders.”

We go deep to the core of a business, mapping out its DNA blueprint, to hone or refresh your brand verbally and visually, as your strategists and branding advisors. We then spotlight your brand with:

  • Written & Visual Content

  • Logos & Taglines

  • Videos

  • Graphics & Photos

  • Websites

  • Blogs & Vlogs

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

ROI = 2.5X

Samples of Our Work

Craft your brand. Tell your story. Get your message out, poetically, visually, powerfully.

About Us

Why Us? 5 Skills, 3 Teams.

5 Skills:   Joanne Tan is the founder & CEO of 10+ Visual Branding, with her five Key Differentiating Talents::

  • Law Degree and Liberal Arts Education
  • Business School Training in Marketing, Accounting, Insurance
  • Journalist Editor, Newspaper Page Designer
  • Award Winning Professional Photographer
  • Bilingual Consultant, Coach and Director

Joanne is also a mentor & advisor for startups with all aspects of business strategies. She is the 1st permanent female judge for startup pitching competition for a Silicon Valley foundation, Experienced in working with CEOs, VCs, angel investors, CFOs & CPAs, lawyers, bankers, etc.; and a Board Member at Bay Area Executive Development Network.

We have the best 3 teams:  Joanne Leads three teams of highly skilled professionals to serve a client’s brand in a unified fashion: (1) Writers & editors. They are highly educated and creative. They write branding content with SEO keywords, and brand-marketing blogging/vlogging; (2) Skilled video production crew; (3) Talented graphic & website designers, web-developers.  We partner with top SEO and PPC experts. We are a full service branding and brand marketing agency and a multimedia firm.

“Celebrate Authentic Uniqueness, Substance & Style.”

Value & ROI

  • Increased business volume by 40% for some clients,
  • Helped exceeding startups’ fundraising goal by 200%.
  • Doubled attendance in Holiday Season 2017 for the prestigious Blackhawk Museum with our comprehensive ad campaign.

A company with a strong brand can increase its value 2.5 times upon exit or sale, according to M & A experts. Google ranking can be increased with regular blogs/vlogs.

More than ROI, all our clients reported substantial increase in clarity, confidence and unity.

Brands thrive.  Businesses just survive.

Founder’s Message
For Startups
Our Proclamation
Our One-Sheet

Client Testimonials

“Joanne Tan is the talented owner of 10+ Brand and well versed in all aspects of brand development for individual service providers and small to medium-sized businesses. Her unique ability to decode the essence of one’s brand, create content that touches the heart of the target market, and to amplify those messages through social media is awesome. Joanne was able to guide me through the decoding process to distill my key messages, work with me and my clients to create several brand videos (content) that tell the story, and further amplify that content through video placements, website blogging and LinkedIn campaigns. Joanne is also a great confidant and advisor with a sharp business mind and is always available to assist and help.”

“Joanne is one of the most insightful experts in personal and business branding. She was strategic and visionary in identifying my unique value propositions and in relating them to my future goals. She asked thought-provoking questions in a caring and helpful way during the process of rebranding my LinkedIn profile, bio and resume. I felt genuinely inspired and empowered. After each brainstorming session, I gained clarity about myself, my career goals and what to do to achieve my goals. Her insights and talents were invaluable for anyone seeking others’ wisdom about themselves. Thank you Joanne!”

Carmen Diep, Financial and Accounting Consultant at Kranz, CPA, CMA.

“Working with Joanne was an insightful and self-reflective experience. She’s great at creating a process to distill your values, then share with others in a meaningful way. Joanne has also connected me to some really wonderful people, I’m grateful for her friendship and unique perspective.”

Nick Larson, Chief Revenue Officer, Contento

“Joanne is so talented and professional! She was so creative and had so many great ideas! I needed her help with my new business and website and what a professional and such great expertise! She’s the one that will get your job done!!”

Jill Bragg, Walnut Creek

“Joanne is a very thoughtful consultant, helpful with branding issues and has a deep understanding of the approach to take with angel investors. She is passionate about helping her clients and has a strong toolbox to help clients best position themselves for sales and investment and in communicating quickly to key stakeholders. ”

“Joanne has an innate understanding of end-users and go-to market strategies. She helps refine company brands and messaging – finding simplicity in complexity. She is a great brainstorming partner and trusted sounding board for CEOs. Joanne has a strong work ethic – pushing through midnight as needed to perfect messaging summary and pitch decks ahead of deadlines.”

Bill Kallman, CEO, Moby Corp

“The whole process of working with Joanne gave me such confidence that I wrote 3 new pieces of business, while completing brainstorming and brand-honing work with Joanne…Joanne believes in and sees the best in her clients. I recommend her and her teams highly to all business owners who have visions, who know the extraordinary value in brand-marketing.”

Joanne with 10+ did a fantastic job in launching and establishing my firm’s social media and web presences.  With multidisciplinary skills and talents, Joanne and her team made sure to market my unique brand powerfully, authentically, uniformly and artistically.  Joanne also saved me significant costs related printing services and will continue to provide a2zCFO with updated social media content and a monthly branded blog.

Rolf Neuweiler Founder & Principal Consultant, a2z CFO, LLC

“Joanne did a wonderful job in helping me create and launch my new venture with a great brand message. She is one of a kind! In addition to her skills as a highly intuitive branding expert, she can get to the core of a business and articulate the perfect message in just the right words.”

Gary Potts, Principal & Consulting CFO, ProMentor CFO, LLC

“I had the opportunity to hire Joanne for my business’s video and she was amazing to work with! She asked so many detailed questions throughout the process that I felt like I learned more about my business than she did. If you want QUALITY scripting and video done, look no further than 10+ Visual Branding.”

Brady Helkenn, Founder & CEO, BH Tech Connection

“Joanne Tan did a wonderful job guiding me through the intricacies of producing a branding video for my interior design business. She was able to condense my 40 years of experience down into a 1 page script and then matched video and still photography to that script resulting in a beautifully produced business tool. She experty collaborates with her technical support team to add quality content to a masterful end product.”

Kathy Bate, Interior Designer

“Joanne was a great help when I needed to update my professional photo on my website and LinkedIn. She understood my audience and how to capture the essence of who I am. She’s also become a trusted advisor for branding and imagining, as she has a lot of ideas and is selfless about offering her knowledge and expertise.”

“Joanne Tan is a force of nature! Feisty, highly intelligent, and deliberative, she brought to the table a unique set of experiences in business, marketing, law, and art with a passion for finding, defining and expressing my unique branding for my Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practice in Lafayette and San Ramon. Her many awards for her photography are well-deserved, and I also plan to work with Joanne in the future to revamp and update my website and cyber presence.”

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