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We rise by lifting others.
We believe in a better world, one brand at a time.

“1 + 3 = 2.5” – ROI  
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Believe in your uniqueness.
Acclaim your authentic power.

We go deep to the core of a business, mapping out its DNA blueprint, to hone or refresh your brand verbally and visually, as your strategists and branding advisors. We then spotlight your brand with:

  • Written & Visual Content

  • Logos & Taglines

  • Videos

  • Graphics & Photos

  • Websites

  • Blogs & Vlogs

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

Clients & Testimonials

“The whole process of working with Joanne gave me such confidence that I wrote 3 new pieces of business, while completing brainstorming and brand-honing work with Joanne.

Joanne is a great mix of left and right brain. She works with the right brain and digs deeply into your values and business operations. Then she uses her artistry to create a brand for you. What started as a multipage questionnaire got boiled down to a one page script. The video, website and headshots all bring out your essence in a unified brand.

Joanne believes in and sees the best in her clients. She and her teams not only produce my brand messaging content, video, photo, website, she also features my branding video and content on her business website, and refers potential business partners and prospects to me. I recommend her and her teams highly to all business owners who have visions, who know the extraordinary value in brand-marketing.”

Rick Callaway, Commercial Insurance Expert, Pacific Diversified

Joanne with 10+ did a fantastic job in launching and establishing my firm’s social media and web presences. 10+ is a full service, multimedia branding agency, with initial focus on branding content and brand-promotional videos. With multidisciplinary skills and talents, Joanne and her team made sure to market my unique brand powerfully, authentically, uniformly and artistically.

Joanne made my venture into social media go smoothly and seamlessly. Joanne and her team created and implemented the following for the a2z CFO brand:

• brand-messaging content;
• branding and new firm announcement videos;
• branded website: content, design, photos, visuals, structure;
• tagline “Keep your ship on course;”
• logo and business card design;
• business name: a2z CFO LLC; and
• branding portrait for my website, LinkedIn, and social media profiles.

Joanne also saved me significant costs related printing services and will continue to provide a2zCFO with updated social media content and a monthly branded blog.

Rolf Neuweiler Founder & Principal Consultant, a2z CFO, LLC

Some of Our Clients

  • Voler Systems (Engineering Firm)

  • Royse Law Firm (mid-size corporate tax law)

  • Blackhawk Museum, Danville

  • Bay Area Traffic Solutions (B.A.T.S.)

  • TELUS Solutions

  • The Law Office of Lisa Bryant

  • Ding Ding TV & Silicon Valley Innovation Channel

  • OPS A La Carte, an engineering consulting in Silicon Valley

  • Brauer Insurance Services, San Jose

  • ProMentor CFO, LLC

  • a2z CFO LLC

  • BH Tech Connection

  • Pacific Diversified Commercial Insurance

  • United Administrative Services

  • Law Office of Janet Brewer, Palo Alto

  • Truckload of Data, San Ramon

  • California Health Information Partnership & Services Organization (CalHIPSO)

Samples of Our Work

Craft your brand. Tell your story. Get your message out, poetically, visually, powerfully.

More About Us

Why Us? 5 Skills, 3 Teams.

5 Skills:   Joanne Tan is the founder & CEO of 10+ Visual Branding, a/k/a Joanne Tan Visual Branding.  Joanne has:

  1. A law degree, and liberal art education from Brandeis University.
  2. Marketing training & experience taken in a business school.
  3. Journalist editor and designer experience, 2 years.
  4. An award winning professional photographer and an artist.
  5. Consulting, coaching, directing skills.

We have the best 3 teams:  Joanne Leads three teams of highly skilled professionals to serve a client’s brand in a unified fashion: (1) Writers & editors. They are highly educated and creative. They write branding content with SEO keywords, and brand-marketing blogging/vlogging; (2) Skilled video production crew; (3) Talented graphic & website designers, web-developers.  We recently added SEO and PPC experts. We are a multimedia firm.

Value & ROI

One of our successful clients increased business volume by 35% with a branding video and website. A company with a strong brand can increase its value 2.5 times upon exit or sale, according to M & A experts. Your Google ranking can also be increased with regular blogs/vlogs. Brand value is also a criterion for hiring, and a metric for employees and management performance.

We believe in you, in your unique and authentic strength.“A better world, one brand at a time.” “Celebrate Authentic Uniqueness, Substance & Style.”  Substance + Artistry.

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We Help Businesses Blast Off!

Through Marketing Strategies, DNA Mapping & Visual Branding

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We Help Businesses Blast Off!

Through Marketing Strategies, DNA Mapping & Visual Branding

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