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Executive Forum Silicon Valley

Are you a business leader seeking to disrupt your status quo and grow your business and yourself? Welcome to Executive Forums, a safe place for leaders just like you to unload, to confide, to learn and to energize. Our members, speakers and coaches inspire and empower each other, no matter where you are on your journey. No leader should operate in isolation, and everyone needs objective advice to succeed. “If you want to go ​fast​, go by yourself. If you want to go ​far​, go with others. ”

My name is Glenn Perkins. I have been leading and building teams for 2 decades. I work with owners, entrepreneurs, executives and CEOs whose companies range from dozens to hundreds of employees. From growing up in poverty in Iowa, to completing an MIT and Harvard education, I started as a manufacturing engineer, struggled to succeed in a technology startup and rose to the top as a VP-GP at Northrop Grumman, leading a team of 1500 employees. My life journey exemplifies how growing businesses can transform lives.

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LinkedIn Profile Optimization Services

To optimize an individual and/or a company’s LinkedIn profile messaging to their target audience, to get more connections, leads, sales, clients, and opportunities, we offer comprehensive services such as profile content strategies, writing, revising, and editing verbal narratives on LinkedIn, visual designs, headshots, and digital content marketing with original ghost writing as well as AI-enabled repurposed content marketing and LinkedIn account management services.

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