We are a full service branding and brand marketing agency. We cover the whole 9 yards from strategies to honing a brand’s DNA, verbal and visual messaging, website and beyond. We brand and brand-market technology startups, growth companies, mid sized businesses and professional organizations, to increase your clients and revenue. We shorten your sales cycle by combining digital marketing with substantive branding. As your brand strategist, we refresh your existing brand or hone a new one. We brand inside out. We go deep to map out a brand’s DNA blueprint,using our own multi-disciplinary proprietary process. We brainstorm with each business owner to find out what their brand stands for - the heart, soul and mind of a business. We focus on brand messaging content, video, and website. If a website is a vehicle, the driver is brand messages, the engine is a brand-promotional video, driving a company to their target audience. We are a multimedia, one stop shop branding agency. We also create brand marketing analysis, branding blogs/vlogs, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and advertising. 10 Plus Brand produces movie theater ads, TV commercials, graphic design, professional portraits and customized website photos of the highest quality.


Some of our clients have seen an increase in their business volume by 35% - 40%. Some of the brand-promotional videos we scripted and produced for our clients have even gone viral on social media. According to M&A experts, a company with a strong brand can increase its value 2.5 times upon exit. Google ranking can also be increased with organic, branding blogs/vlogs, SEO & PPC. More than ROI, brand value is your legacy, your culture, a criterion for hiring, a metric for employees and management performance.

Why Us:

Three teams: Joanne Leads three teams of highly skilled professionals to serve a client’s brand in a unified fashion: (1) Writers & editors. They are highly educated and creative. They write branding content with SEO keywords, and script brand-marketing blogs/vlogs; (2) A talented & experienced video production crew & motion graphic designers; (3) Artistic and skillful graphic and website designers and web-developers.

Five Skills:

Joanne Tan is the founder and CEO of 10+ Visual Branding, a/k/a Joanne Tan Visual Branding. Joanne has a law degree & marketing training. She was a journalist editor and designer. She’s an award winning professional photographic artist. She provides consulting and coaching skills as a brand strategist and advisor, content creator & video producer. Joanne crafts and polishes each brand, with a highly individualized process, from “rock” to “gem”, by acting as the brand owner’s “mirror”, “digger”, and “spotlight”.


“1 + 3”: To stand out among the crowd, we differentiate each brand by distilling everything about their past, present, and future into a one-page branding script. We then turn it into a 3-to-4-minute brand promotional video to anchor a branded website and social media marketing.

Our Clients:

(i) Technology startups & growth companies, B-2-B mid to large industries and services, international businesses, (ii) Professionals and professional organizations, (iii) B-2-C, and (iv) nonprofit.

Why Do We Love Visual Branding

We believe in a brand’s authentic strength and celebrate it's substance & style. We brand inside out. We contribute to a better world by empowering one brand at a time.
We rise by lifting others.

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