Storytelling and Branding

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Meaning + Emotions = Storytelling. To live is to be part of a story. To live a story, a vision, a dream, marks the difference between “living” and “existing.” For a business, it is the story that’s the difference between “selling products” and “influencing with a brand”. For a customer, that’s difference between being “sold [...]

Website, Brand, Revenue

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A Website is Where A Brand Succeeds Or Fails I love watching Sean White performing his amazing jumps, twists and turns at the halfpipe and winning his 3rd Winter Olympic Gold Medal. Imagine the halfpipe as a company's website. In the age of the internet, a company’s website is where its brand resides. A website [...]

Brand with Words & Visuals – a Multi-disciplinary Process

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“A brand is the heart, soul, mind and body of a business.”  “It starts with the DNA blueprint of a brand’s core values and belief. Brand-power does not exclusively belong to a power-brand like Apple. ALL businesses can hone their own unique, authentic and powerful brands.  It takes vision, belief, and expertise from those who [...]

What’s in a Name? What’s in a Brand?

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What comes to mind when a name such as “John F. Kennedy”, or “Apple” is mentioned? Certain qualities, unique characters, their visions, values, beliefs, their sound, look, … the entire package of inner substance and outer appeal imbued to a particular name, and a specific brand.   The word “brand” has been used to mean [...]