0307, 2021

The Golden Age for Deep Branding and Impactful Digital Marketing

By Joanne Z. Tan | Jul 3rd, 2021 | Brand, Brand building, brand development, Brand DNA, Brand Messaging, Brand Persona, Brand strategies, Branding, CEO, content creation, Corporation, Culture, Digital marketing, Loyalty, Marketing, marketing strategies, Media, Personal branding, Photos & Graphics, SEO, Story telling, Verbal content, Video, Vision, Website, | 1 Comments

Internet democratizes brand power This day in age, a "solopreneur", a family owned business, a mid-sized company and a multinational corporation all ...

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1611, 2020

How to Talk Politics at Thanksgiving Without Hurting any Family Relationships

By Joanne Z. Tan | Nov 16th, 2020 | Brand, Culture, Loyalty, News stories, Politics, Relationship, | 0 Comments

- Five approaches for talking politics & election at home without hurting family relationships during Thanksgiving & Christmas. #WeAreBetter...

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0104, 2020

The New “Tele-community” Reality for Business and Society (Part 3 of the “New Normal” Series)

By Joanne Z. Tan | Apr 1st, 2020 | Crisis management, Culture, Experience, Media, Relationship, Social Media, | 0 Comments

It is deep in our human nature that we need each other to survive any disaster.  “Each other is all we have”, was described in Part 2 of this “...

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