10 Tips for a Loving Relationship for Couples & the Lonely Hearts

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Love is relationship building. Valentine gift from 10 Plus Brand - 10 Tips for building relationships for couples and the lonely hearts.

How to Talk Politics at Thanksgiving Without Hurting any Family Relationships

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5 approaches for talking politics & election at home without hurting family relationships during Thanksgiving & Christmas. #WeTheBetterAngels

How Much Work-from-Home is Too Much? – Brand, Culture, and Synergy

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 A post-COVID mixed model of working from home and in office can foster corporate culture, synergy, and brand value, both internally and externally.

Principles of a Unique Brand – America

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American democracy's foundation is built on principles, belief and vision of the founding fathers. Principles are the cornerstones for sustaining structural health in building a brand, a business, and an individual life.

Working from Home – 7 Communication Tips That Will Save Your Relationships (Part 2 of the “New Normal” series)

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Communication, or lack thereof, can make or break a relationship. As we are working from home with our loved ones 24/7 during Coronavirus Crisis, when we need each other the most, practice these 7 tips of communication with empathetic listening, sharing vulnerability, asking questions, respecting differences and solving healthy conflicts can save relationships with loved ones, to tough through the hard times.

What Does It Take To Have A Power Brand? – Stand for Something and Think Out of the Box

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We give CEOs and founders clarity, vision, greater influence and larger bottomline with our process of branding, rebranding, brand-refreshing. More than higher profits, you brand creates success, culture and legacy. It is the North Star for motivating employees and inspiring customers-turned-into-followers.

What Type of CEO Are You – a “Grinder” or a Power Brand?

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The top 5% of star companies focus on building their power brands to turn sales transactions into loyal relationships, buyers into followers, while the 95% businesses just survive by focusing on just the bottom line, nose on the grindstone.

Power of Visuals

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How many types of roofs can you visualize in 6 seconds? Now, STRETCH your imagination, and visualize what comes to your mind when you hear this sentence: “Our vast knowledge in various types of roofing installations is one of our greatest assets.” Perhaps a roof or two come to your visual mind?

Competition Can Be a Brand’s Best Friend, Differentiator and Collaborator

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From branding point of view, there is no better way of defining a brand’s unique value propositions (“UVPs”) than by studying its peers or “competitors”. How else do you differentiate yourself in the marketplace? It is by a theory of relativity and the myth of one’s innate originality. A brand needs to have a limitless mindset rather than a limiting one to embrace and leverage competition and turning competitors into peers. Synergy created by mutually supplementing strengths and weaknesses with collaboration among competitors creates better UVPs and a diverse ecosystem.

What Makes a Brand? What Is It For? – Beyond Nike’s Double Digits Profit Gain After Kaepernick Ad

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Nike's ad sparked an intense controversy. A short summary of the controversy last fall: Nike featured Kaepernick in its 30th anniversary of  "Just Do It" campaign, and created a national debate, for or against Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the National Anthem that he intended as protesting police brutality against blacks, while others interpreted his [...]

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