Interview of the Notables and Influencers – Julie Castro Abrams on Diversity and Women, by Joanne Tan, CEO and Brand Strategist, 10 Plus Brand, Inc.

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US has a long way to go for achieving diverse and equitable representations by women of colors on corporate boards and with venture funding.

Leverage the Universe – the Ultimate Macro of Branding (Pt. 1 of 2)

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Brand building leverages authenticity, core values, purpose and passion, given and propelled by the life giver and creator of the Universe.

10 Tips for a Loving Relationship for Couples & the Lonely Hearts

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Love is relationship building. Valentine gift from 10 Plus Brand - 10 Tips for building relationships for couples and the lonely hearts.

Top three Super Bowl TV Commercials in 2021

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Criteria:  Within 30-seconds (at $5.6 million), which Super Bowl TV commercials successfully tell a story without leveraging celebrity? AND the story sticks afterwards? Every year’s Super Bowl Ads fit the Pareto's 80/20 Law: 80% are trying too hard to be funny, over dramatic, missing the point, far fetched, too busy, having too much explosive actions [...]

The Seven Forces Behind the Capitol Insurrection and What to Do with the “Seven-headed Monster” (Part 2 of 2)

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Parliamentary system and rank choice voting are more fair, inclusive and stable than 2-party primaries and general elections in US Democracy. Part One, I listed seven forces as the “problems” that caused the Capitol Insurrection. In Part Two I hope to provide a forum for sharing and exchanging YOUR thoughts and ideas, after I share [...]

What Caused the Insurrection – the Seven-Headed Monster (Part 1 – Problems)

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The 7 forces behind seditionists' invasion of US Congress were years in the making (Pt 1). Pt 2 will discuss ideas & thoughts for solutions.

How to Talk Politics at Thanksgiving Without Hurting any Family Relationships

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5 approaches for talking politics & election at home without hurting family relationships during Thanksgiving & Christmas. #WeTheBetterAngels

How Much Work-from-Home is Too Much? – Brand, Culture, and Synergy

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 A post-COVID mixed model of working from home and in office can foster corporate culture, synergy, and brand value, both internally and externally.

4 Ways for a Brand to Survive and Thrive During Covid-19

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COVID19 can change a company's clientele, products and services, even business model, but not its brand DNA & vision by the founder & CEO.

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