The Seven Forces Behind the Capitol Insurrection and What to Do with the “Seven-headed Monster” (Part 2 of 2)

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Parliamentary system and rank choice voting are more fair, inclusive and stable than 2-party primaries and general elections in US Democracy. Part One, I listed seven forces as the “problems” that caused the Capitol Insurrection. In Part Two I hope to provide a forum for sharing and exchanging YOUR thoughts and ideas, after I share [...]

What Caused the Insurrection – the Seven-Headed Monster (Part 1 – Problems)

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The 7 forces behind seditionists' invasion of US Congress were years in the making (Pt 1). Pt 2 will discuss ideas & thoughts for solutions.

4 Ways for a Brand to Survive and Thrive During Covid-19

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COVID19 can change a company's clientele, products and services, even business model, but not its brand DNA & vision by the founder & CEO.

The New “Tele-community” Reality for Business and Society (Part 3 of the “New Normal” Series)

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How to participate and contribute to healthy online community life during the Coronavirus crisis, as social distancing, shelter in place and quarantine make the public rely on tele-medicine, tele-schooling, tele-business-dealing, online meetings, online dating, etc. The internet is now holding up our community relationship, society, schools and economy in this new normal of doing everything from home: working, shopping, getting news, socializing and community support. We need to be mindful of the benefits, harms and limitations of tele-community and virtual life.

Working from Home – 7 Communication Tips That Will Save Your Relationships (Part 2 of the “New Normal” series)

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Communication, or lack thereof, can make or break a relationship. As we are working from home with our loved ones 24/7 during Coronavirus Crisis, when we need each other the most, practice these 7 tips of communication with empathetic listening, sharing vulnerability, asking questions, respecting differences and solving healthy conflicts can save relationships with loved ones, to tough through the hard times.

Taking Care of Ourselves in the Coronavirus Pandemic (Part 1, “New Normal” Series)

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In crisis when people are in fear, anxiety and even panic, your calmness will be comforting and uplifting to your loved ones, your family, friends and your community.  Your GENUINE optimism and hopefulness will have ripple effects to all. Be the safe harbor for all those around you in a stormy sea. Inner peace anchors you and gives you a sense of control. A sound mind is the foundation for productivity.

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