Joanne Tan Profile Picture

Joanne Tan

Owner, 10 Plus Brand (a/k/a 10+ Visual Branding)
Brand Strategist, Branding Expert,
PR & Marketing Consultant, Content & Brand Management:

  • Develop brand, business and marketing strategies; 
  • Create brand DNA™ and brand messaging; 
  • Direct, manage & coordinate writing, design, visual, web, social media and SEO teams; 
  • Law degree, business school training, professional journalist editor & page designer, professional award-winning photographer, liberal arts education; 
  • Mentor & advisor for startups with all aspects of business strategies; 1st permanent female judge for startup pitching competition in Silicon Valley; 
  • Board member at Bay Area Executive Development Network; Experienced in working with CEOs, VCs, angel investors, CFOs & CPAs, and in M&A, insurance, etc.; 
  • Artist in visual media and poetry;
  • Multi-disciplined, multi-skilled and talented, respected by clients of highly seasoned professionals, small and mid companies and cutting edge tech startups:
    • Doubled attendance for the prestigious Blackhawk Museum,
    • Increased business volume by 40% for some clients,
    • Helped exceeding startups’ fundraising goal by 200%.
Glenn Perkins Profile Picture

Glenn Perkins

Strategic Advisor, Management Consultant

  • President, Renaissance Executive Forum, Silicon Valley
  • MIT, Harvard Business School 
  • Former VP – GM of Northrop Grumman
Jeannette C. Profile Picture

Jeannette C.

Brand identity designer

  • Award-winning multi facet brand and rebrand graphic identity designer for 20+ years.
  • Served a variety of companies including multi billion dollar high tech companies’ visual designs of corporate identities. 
Michael C. Profile Picture

Michael C.

Corporate logo designer

  • 34 years of experience, a prominent and internationally recognized corporate logo and signage designer.
Susan H. Profile Picture

Susan H.

Team Leader, Copy-writing

  • 15 years of content development as a journalist and writer, excelling at organizational storytelling and targeted messaging.
Joe K. Profile Picture

Joe K.

PPC, Google Ad Words

  • With proprietary software, Joe and his team are one of the top 1% of  Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) experts in the nation. He and the team also do Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Mobile Ads. 
David H. Profile Picture

David H.

Team Leader, Web design & development

  • Extensive and in depth experience in website design, web development, customized coding, UX design and WordPress consulting.
  • Audio production for videos, radio ads, podcasts, webinars.
Jeremy F. Profile Picture

Jeremy F.

Team Leader, Videography & photography

  • More than 15 years of experience in videography and photography. 
Pankaj M. Profile Picture

Pankaj M.

Motion Graphic Animation

  • Design and create animation for video production with his team.
David L. Profile Picture

David L.

Digital Marketing & Data Management

  • Facebook ads creation and tracking.Video editor.
  • Production assistant for podcasts, vlogs, and webinars.
  • Social Media Marketing & SEO.
Delaney “Daley” T. Profile Picture

Delaney “Daley” T.

General Admin

  • Data management and organization.
  • Data Analytics.
  • General admin.
  • Video production assistant.