It was a strange and nerve-wracking experience to deliver a virtual talk to a global audience, live streamed: I couldn’t see or hear anyone, but I sensed they were out there in the silence, while I talked to my computer screen yesterday for Open UP Summit 2020. It was organized in Taiwan for open source programmers, app developers and designers, web coders worldwide.

Grateful for the technology that brings us together from all corners of the World. Imagine what it would be like without Zoom, live streaming, Remo… for conferences and group meetings, while we have been working from home.  It has saved commute time and made it more efficient to connect with others.  

But I do miss a live audience, in-person interactions, and the energy that is only palpable from being in a room with others.

So I am going to make my next featured talk over Zoom a lot more interactive and engaging on Monday, Sept. 14, 12-1pm. It will be a 45-minute presentation, followed by 15-minute Q & A.  It will be a networking opportunity as well. I will be sharing many insights, tips, and ideas with an audience of business owners and executives about building a business or a personal brand online.  

To make it more personally relevant, “How Women Lead” and I asked individuals about what specific questions and concerns they have about the subject “how to connect online, with LinkedIn and websites, to get more clients, sales, opportunities.” Looking forward to answering their questions, hearing about your concerns, and finding solutions.

Here is the link for registering:    See you Monday, virtually.